Blank Pages

Why are blank pages so intimidating? It’s like I find myself so often staring at a blank page or canvas, longing for it to be perfect in the end that I can’t seem to start putting my pencil, pen, fingers, or what have you in action. It’s daunting.

But I’ve learned you have to start somewhere. Whether it’s a single stroke or a few words down on a page, you have to start.

And that’s the same with anything. Whether it be a new project, job, or idea, you have to start with something. You are delaying your success by waiting for the “perfect” idea or phrase to come to you in order to start a project.

Your start will hardly ever be perfect, and that’s the point. You have to start somewhere in order to shape whatever it is into something you are proud of and make it to where you want to be.

So, beginning this year I want to start– start creating more, start worrying less, start believing in myself and my potential more. I want to be more creative and focus less on wanting every project to be perfect from the start. Because it won’t be and that’s okay.

Here’s to 2020: a year full of blank pages to be imperfectly filled.