5 Working From Home Tips

As more and more states and cities are implementing stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus, more and more of us are finding ourselves working from home and taking classes online. Here are five ways that can help you stay focused and productive while at home:

Have a routine

Get up at your normal time and get going. Be sure to make your bed in an effort to stay out and stay working. Having a routine will help you not fall into a slump of being unproductive. Though, breaks are OK, too!

Take breaks

Again, taking breaks here and there is OK and encouraged! Take a walk around the block or an online yoga class for some brain and body flow. Keep moving!

Get dressed

Getting up and getting dressed can help some trick their minds into being and feeling productive. It helps your mindset separate work and life. Whether it’s jeans or sweatpants, changing your clothes help you establish a routine to get yourself moving in your day.

Create a workspace

Again, separate work and relaxation. Having an office space that is not your bed will help you stay focused and productive.

Have a planner

If you’re Type A like me, I probably don’t have to spell out the importance of having a planner to keep you on track. But if you don’t have one, make one! Having to-do lists to check off as you go and a schedule to help you throughout your days definitely help you feel accomplished and on top of your tasks.

Finally, I hope everyone is staying safe and inside during these times! Don’t forget to take time for yourself and check in with yourself. Self care is key.