2020. That’s the Tweet.

2020 has been crazy for everyone. But that doesn’t mean your feelings, emotions or experiences aren’t valid.

To name a few experiences this year, a kid ran a red light on me and completely totaled my first car. I’m talking smashed, unsure how my roommates and I walked out of that car. It was the scariest accident I have ever been in let alone witnessed. Covid-19 of course also threw a curve ball. The pandemic halted five vacations of mine, including Paris and London. And a relationship of four years abruptly ended.

But I also turned 21, graduated college at the top 10% of my class this month, submitted my research proposal for graduate school, had more fun away at college than ever before, grew closer to my best friends and experienced and learned so much more. I also learned to love myself and put myself first.

You live, you learn, you forget, you grow. I felt myself finally living this year.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and appreciate yourself for how far you have come. Look back, and realize that even what seemed like small accomplishments still amount to something great and that you are successful. You define success. You are great, you are trying your best, and every small victory is an accomplishment, even if it’s just finally doing your laundry one day.

This draft has been sitting in my folder for a month. Why? Maybe I still fear what people will think about what I do, say, write. In 2021, I want to dump that mindset. So, here’s to 2021. Here’s to living.