When Things Go Wrong…

Sometimes, things go wrong and are out of your control. Like 3-flight-cancelations-and-a-delay-wrong.

On Tuesday, I got back to Columbia more than 24 hours later than when I was supposed to. I was supposed to cover another meeting for the education beat for the Columbia Missourian.

Immediately, I called my editor to let her know of the situation. Communication is so crucial. I was so worked up and nervous to call, fearing I was letting my team down. But what could I do? Things were out of my control and I had to accept that. There wasn’t any use in getting more worked up about it.

My editor gave me advice to not waste the day. That would be the worst thing I could do. And she was right. I had to take advantage of the day and get some work done.

Bottom line, this week has taught me to role with the punches and to not miss a beat. I could have easily gotten worked up and not moved forward. But it is so crucial to communicate and keep rolling.