Managing Self Doubt in the Highs & Lows of Life

I found a journal entry from June where I had just gotten back from a business journalism workshop in San Francisco. It was about being thankful for new and exciting opportunities like this one. In it, I also reflected on how in situations like these I often feel unworthy as if I am not “good enough” to be there– to be in a room with other scholars and journalists. But what is “good enough” and who defines it?

As the new year starts I am feeling nervous about heading into a new semester with more journalism classes than ever and adding a new job on top of that. But it’s good to be nervous because it means I am being challenged and I am being pushed to grow.

Moving forward, I want myself to actively recognize when I feel those familiar anxieties of not feeling “good enough” and know that I deserve to be where I am. “Good enough” is not defined by anyone but you. You are always good enough. Take some deep breaths and walk through that door because you always deserve to be there.

After that conference in June, my nerves and anxieties felt insignificant as I felt this surge of motivation and satisfaction in the end. I know these anxieties and satisfactions will come and go again, and I know that these feelings of excitement and anxiety-stricken thoughts are what keep life exciting and moving. It’s a cycle– a cycle I want to be present in and never question my self worth.

And that journal entry I found was a reminder of this. It’s okay to be uncomfortable or afraid. If you’re not afraid of what’s ahead, you’re not being pushed. So remember, there’s no flowers with no rain; no success without struggle. Appreciate the highs and the lows because it’s all worth it. The highs and lows are what amount to your life. Make each moment count whether it’s a high or a low.