Local Journalism

Journalism is important. And in a smaller town like Columbia, I can definitely see how journalism and journalists make an impact on their community.

On the education beat, I have learned that education is a big business in Columbia. There are three colleges and a relatively large public school district. This means jobs and a large population in the public schools.

I have covered topics relating to the public schools like the CARE Program and preschool services expanding to five days per week. My latest story (click here) details a new program with the Columbia public schools and Moberly Area Community College to extend dual enrollment to where students can earn both their high school diploma and associate degree upon graduation.

Breaking down new developments and programs like these allows the community to understand what is happening in their community, how it can affect them, and so on. Local journalism, I have come to see firsthand, is a public service to the community it serves. And it is a journalist’s job to listen to its community and think about how their work can impact others.

Looking back on my time at the Missourian, I have realized that of the stories I have written, there are so many that have honestly made an impact. For example, breaking down all the school developments and university news. And also, life stories that made an impact on families.