Checking the weather in the morning before picking out an outfit becomes a nerve wracking action in the winter. Here you are, waiting for those digits, or should I say single digit temperature, to appear and now you must struggle to dress warm.

For college students, it is especially important to bundle up as you are most likely walking to class and across campus in those freezing temperatures. Here are some ideas on how to layer up:


For those warmer, fall days, vests can add a little extra layer of warmth— not to mention they are trendy. Paired with turtlenecks and sweaters, vests can bring not only add another layer but bring a pop of color as well.


With a button-up or dress, cardigans are super comfy and add warmth. You can’t go wrong with a bulky, soft cardigan. They’re a classic staple to any closet.

Bulky Jackets

While this may sound obvious, bulky jackets allow for more layers underneath and possibly even another jacket. When paired with a jacket of contrasting length, the two can complement each other without looking too bulky altogether. A bigger jacket means bigger and more layers underneath.


In desperate times, tights under jeans are especially necessary. With dresses and skirts, tights are a must in the cold. Pick out a pair that matches your style, whether that may be basic nude, knitted black, or colorful.

Reliable outfits that pair and go together in every which way help save time in the morning during your fashion frenzies. More layers means more stylistic opportunities. The goal of layering is to be comfortable, and possibly add some warmth, while also looking chic.