Journalists are Always On Call

Journalists are honestly a lot like doctors, nurses, firefighters, etc. How? We are always “on call.”

Working at the Columbia Missourian this semester has taught me that you are not only working during your 8-5 shift. Journalists can and should expect phone calls at any and all times whether from sources, photographers, editors, etc. It’s always a team collaboration at all hours of the day.

Over Thanksgiving break, I worked on a story about a new program for Columbia Public Schools and was calling people left and right. One person got back to me as I was in the drive-thru line for Starbucks. Yep. I answered and was able to get two of my questions answered for the story.

Lesson learned here? Always be prepared and always pick up if you can because sources can be hard to reach at times. Answer the phone and be prepared always.